WP5 Coders Training Workshop in Paris

From 17-20 October 2017, members of the TransSOL team gathered in Paris at the Sciences Po Centre in order to participate in a workshop on coding. Team members learned to code and coordinate results from newspaper articles across different countries as part of the data-collection process for WP5. In this meeting, the team discussed coding decisions in order to standardize research practices.

Workshop participants were trained in both claims-coding and online comments, and this entailed working on two codebooks for two analyses in WP5.

The team engaged in some intense discussions and tested codings on English material, in which participants had the chance to discuss coding decisions one-by-one. In addition, the group talked about technical details such as SPSS data sheets, how to document data and whom to contact with various types of questions. In the end, the group also decided to have regular meetings.

This event was coordinated by Manlio Cinalli (Sciences Po) and Hans-Jörg Trenz (Uni Copenhagen), the leaders of the work package.